Agricultural machinery bearing

January 16, 2020

Bearing applications in agricultural machinery
Low maintenance, corrosion resistance and more economical

Product applications in tractors
Keep improving:
Comprehensive bearing technology
Bearings for tillage and seeding machinery 
Decades of agricultural engineering experience means that our product range is maturing.
Schaeffler Group engineers are very familiar with the needs of the field,
High requirements for yield. Because of this, the bearings we develop can truly meet
Customer needs-sowing after the rain in spring and harvesting in a hot and dusty environment
Advantages of INA and FAG bearings in the field of agricultural machinery:
• Withstands continuous vibration and high impact loads
• Well-designed and high-precision sealing concept, which can be used in various weather conditions
By operation
• Low maintenance or maintenance-free design to ensure high machine utilization
• Easy to install and usually available as an integral unit
• Or special design and very simple structure
Our services in the field of agricultural machinery:
• Expert consultation at all stages of the product life cycle
• medias® product selection and information systems
• Bearinx® computing services
• Finite element analysis and dynamics simulation
• Evaluate customer data and test customer samples
• Tribology
• Special materials and surface coatings
You will benefit from our expertise and series of products, we are happy to help you
Provide professional technical advice.
Harvesting machinery bearing applications Pages 10–13
Technology & Service Page 14
Tillage and seeding machinery
Machinery, equipment and tools for agricultural engineering
Wide range, including tillers, tractors, hoe
Mowers, balers and high-power harvesters
Machinery such as forage harvesters and combine harvesters
Wait. All kinds of machinery and equipment also need
Facing a harsh working environment. Dusty summer
Conditions have very high requirements for bearing seals, and
Easy installation and maintenance-free design:
Solutions for farming and sowing machinery bearing systems
High humidity in spring and autumn is true for agricultural farming
Positive test. Hard soil inspection all machines
Ultimate strength of mechanical parts, continuous operation
Quarterly vibration and high-strength shock are mechanical design
Equipment is another burden. This is why ploughing
Mechanical bearings must have stronger bearing capacity
Carrying capacity.
In addition, farming machinery bearings are often associated with flanged
The bearing housing of the disc is integrated to simplify assembly.
Typical applications such as plough disc coupling bearings, with
Installation with a certain angle of plough, requiring bearings
Withstand lateral loads, overturning moments and radial loads
Compact bearing solution for easy plow disc quick replacement
Schaeffler Group application engineers
Innovative systematic solutions for heavy-duty bearings
Solution: Thread the plough disc and the frame directly with the thread
Connect so it only takes a few minutes
Plough disc replacement and the bearing unit is dimensionless
Bearings for agricultural applications must be able to withstand heavy loads and operate reliably, such as seeder applications for seeders (Image: Jumil)
Customer-specific special solutions:
Maintenance-free plough disc bearing unit
The bearing unit includes:
• Double-row angular contact ball bearings, from car
Wheel bearing series-high bearing capacity, high
Roll stiffness, sealed on both sides
• Machined bearing housing for corrosion protection
• Threaded pin with locating surface
• Lock washers
High-performance three-lip box seals on both sides of the bearing
Prevent pollution. Two grease reservoirs between the seals
Ensure permanent lubrication of the sealing lip to prevent dryness
The bearing system operates without clearance after installation.
Compact bearing unit for seeder discs
Angular contact needle roller bearing units (as shown in the figure to the right)
(Shown) provides direct access for agricultural equipment manufacturers
Maintenance-free screw connection to the drill disc
Protection unit.
The use of angular contact needle bearings means that the knot
Structure can withstand greater overturning moment and axial
force. The bearing unit is designed without backlash and has
Very large fat storage space, extremely effective
Multi-lip box seal significantly reduces maintenance and downtime
time. Just loosen the locking screw
To quickly change the planter disc.
Extremely effective sealing: flanged with multi-lip box seal
Housing unit for disk mounting of seeder
The perfect solution for tillage machines: from FAG's extensive product range, special sealed outer ball bearing units with shock and pollution resistance, sealed tapered roller bearings and double row angles
Contact ball bearings.
Tillage and seeding machinery
Beneficial innovation: unique solutions
Naturally, maintenance-free!
INA Seeder Disc Bearing Application
Depending on the width,
Installed more than 100 disc bearings. In the working season
Relubrication of these bearings is almost
a task that can not be done. And the planter's
Very harsh working environment, such as fine dust
Granular, erosive acid crop residues
Slag, and rocky clay. Obviously this is not
Operating conditions for standard bearings.
This requires special bearing solutions —
It must have a particularly effective sealing structure. Correct
For this type of bearing subjected to harsh conditions, Schafer
Group is an outstanding technology partner. ratio
Such as this compact developed specifically for seeder discs
Type four point contact ball bearing has passed the actual
International working condition inspection.
Four advantages of four-point contact ball bearings:
• High roll rigidity
• High carrying capacity
• No backlash during operation
• Optimized three-lip sealing ring seal, filling the most
Excessive grease to ensure bearing-free operation
One seal lip in the seal ring structure is radial
Arrange against the surface of the inner ring to prevent corrosion.
The other two sealing lips are arranged axially against the pressure
Metal skeleton on the inner ring. Corrosion-resistant
Formed between machined metal skeleton and outer ring
A certain gap (maze). This will not only be good
Well protect the sealing lip from damage while at the same time
A grease barrier is also established for the external grease reservoir.
Bearings as a factor in reducing costs: INA's high-durability, low-maintenance system solutions greatly increase the cost-effectiveness of seeders
Above: High for seeder
Rolling rigid four point contact ball bearing
Below: Belt shaft for driven wheel
Angular contact ball bearings
High Performance Standard Product Series
Reduce assembly time
Driven wheel bearing unit
Our single row double row angular contact ball bearings
Yuan significantly simplifies the design of seeders (see section
The bottom left of page 6), the performance of this bearing unit has been
Proven and widely known in the automotive industry
dawn. Now it has been used in agricultural engineering applications.
To further development. Advantage: the bearing single
Yuan significantly reduces the assembly time of the driven wheel.
The perfect seal design means that even if the bearing
Under severe working conditions, the same products
Compared with products, it has a significantly longer service life.
Large-capacity grease storage space ensures that sealed bearings do not
No maintenance is required. For customers, this
Means no downtime for repairs, covered wheels,
Follower wheels such as suppression wheels do not need to be changed prematurely.
Change, thereby reducing costs.
These are just a few of the special features we introduce to you.
One of the special programs.
Two-hole flange unit: hexagon socket bearing with dust cover on seeder
Reliable structural locking: square inner bore housing unit is easy
Mounted on the shaft
Bulk Supply-Standard Product Series
INA and FAG have nearly 40,000 mass production samples
This product. Mainly used in the production of farming machinery
Products include spherical ball bearings and housing single
Element, sealed deep groove ball bearing and angular contact ball shaft
Simple and compact bolted connection: Crossed roller bearing pass method
Installation, optimized use of space
A wide range of sample products: INA / FAG has more than 230 departments
Row spherical ball bearing and housing units
Bearing, tapered roller bearing, hexagon and square
Inner bore bearings, as well as idler units and chain drives
Idler gear unit.
Please refer to the HR1 brochure for more information
Reliable and economical:
Components and systems for engines, transmissions and chassis
The efficiency of modern tractors, our products
Products have a decisive competitive advantage.
Gearbox bearings and components
Based on our expertise in the automotive field,
We have developed INA and
Transmission components of the FAG brand.
As a traditional specialty of INA, needle roller bearings are
Important components in mechanical transmission. Wide range
Pan including forming and machining (stamping) bearings and machines
Machining (solid) bearings. Full complement needle roller bearings can
Withstands very high in extremely limited spaces
Load, needle roller cage assembly (with needle roller
Cage) Light weight and low friction.
Roller bearings with and without cages
Wide range of series. Because it can bear both
Large radial and axial loads without external
Cylindrical roller bearings are particularly suitable for planetary teeth
Wheel box. FAG High Performance Tapered Roller Shaft
The bearing is suitable for various structural forms, such as
Used in hydraulic motors integrated with gearboxes,
Hydraulic pump, transmission pinion gear shaft support and
Rear axle drive etc.
Tracing the source: The products of INA, FAG and LuK cover most applications of engines, transmissions and chassis
(Image source: AGCO Fendt)
Rugged solution: Tight in a planetary gearbox
Roller bearings
Multiple bearing applications in drivetrains: X-life high-quality tapered roller bearings for drive axles, capable of carrying
Star wheel bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearing without outer ring for planetary gearbox
Heavy-duty and maintenance-free: ELGES rod ends for small corners
Articulated bearings and Permaglide® bushings
As a partner of the automotive industry for many years, She
The Fühler Group can provide tractor manufacturers with "
Relevant recommendations ". Regarding technical performance and economic benefits
In terms of operational reliability, INA, FAG and
LuK's products perform well. And as a result
Increase the working life of the engine: the crankpin support can withstand extreme acceleration,
To reduce the impact of torsional vibration of the crankshaft on the generator.
As part of the Schaeffler Group, Clutch and
LuK, the world's leading manufacturer of drive components, also
It is also famous in the field of agricultural machinery. LuK Clutch
Systems and torsional vibration dampers due to their long life,
Low noise and low vibration characteristics
Trusted by all major tractor manufacturers.
Left side of picture: "Safe power output" double clutch
Device-driven by two clutches,
One shaft power output.
Right of picture: Arc spring shock absorber by Yufei
Primary end of wheel connection and connected to drive shaft
Secondary side composition. Bow spring with large spin
Corners and very effectively eliminates
Noise and vibration.
Of course, we also supply traditional deep groove balls
Bearings, thrust bearings, low-wear anti-rotation synchronization
Ring, precision stamping with complex geometry
Parts, anti-corrosion gearshift pins, etc.
Applications in the chassis
Schaeffler product range also includes joint shafts
Bearing, rod end joint bearing and ELGES and
Permaglide® brand sleeves. Application
At the hinge point at the end of the front axle spring of the chassis
Spherical plain bearings with intelligent lubrication system,
Front axle steering system for independent suspension
Maintenance-free rod end spherical plain bearings, while low maintenance or
Maintenance-free bushings are more suitable for door hinges
Applications such as hood support or link support.
Engine components and systems
In tractor engine applications, INA stands for
Products include belt drive components such as tensioners and
The generator overtakes the pulley. In addition, the water pump and
Fan bearing and roller for link mechanism
Needle cage assemblies are also representative of Schaeffler
one. Among them, the needle roller for the link mechanism
The cage of the cage assembly has a special profile
The structure is suitable for high acceleration conditions.
Harvesting machinery
Effective sealing is essential:
INA and FAG rolling bearings are widely used in harvesting machinery
Agricultural machinery manufacturers favor high load carrying capacity
Reliable and low maintenance bearing solutions. because
This Schaeffler Group's high-performance sealing concept allows
We have a strong competitive advantage.
INA Outer spherical ball bearings: Reliable quality
In Europe and South America, INA is the outer spherical ball axis
Leading manufacturer of bearing housing units. I
Our products are used in almost all industries
There are industries. In the field of agricultural machinery, these products are mainly
To be applied to harvesting machinery. Spherical ball bearing
And housing units are easy to install and can
The misalignment of the compensation shaft within the range is set
Decisive factors in the use of these products by design engineers
You can find them in the HR1 samples of INA and FAG
To more than 230 series of products, diameter range
Around from 10 to 120mm. Product modules of this series
Concept ensures that you can find
The best solution.
Increase equipment life! Bearing units from INA guarantee high reliability due to extremely effective sealing
(Image source: John Deere European Office)
As long as there are rolling bearings in agricultural engineering applications
Where there are seals. Well sealed with two
Important function: maintain high quality inside the bearing
High-quality grease to prevent contaminants and moisture from entering
Into the bearing. Efficient seal adds shaft
Bearing life, so it also extends
Working life of agricultural machinery.
Chain drive idler gear unit / for combine harvester vibration
Screen drive and bridge conveyor idler unit
For heavy loads: Can withstand axial loads in both directions and high radial
Spherical Roller Bearing
Flange and vertical housing units: with corrosion protection
Corotect® outer spherical ball bearings.
Robust and galvanized coating: three-lip seal concept
Standard seals for INA outer spherical ball bearings
Has been developed for many years, and its performance has been
Proven under a variety of application conditions. With other
Monolithic seal phase commonly used by bearing manufacturers
Than we are more inclined to adopt a three-part
Sealing system-outer cover, rubber sealing lip, inner
cover. The following table is an overview of all sealing structures.
Our seal range covers almost
All operating conditions.
Our competitive advantage
• The concentricity of the seal contact surface means that the seal works
Significantly improved use and service life
• The outer cover extends in the width direction of the seal ring to
Ensures protection of the sealing lip against mechanical damage
• Galvanized inner and outer covers
• Two galvanized sheet steel washers with axially pre-tensioned rubber lips in the middle
• The external thin steel plate washer extends to the bearing inner ring appropriately to ensure
Protective lip
• Two galvanized sheet steel washers extend outward with radial pretension in the middle
Rubber lip
• The outer sheet steel washer extends properly towards the bearing inner ring to protect the sealing lip
• Large grease storage space extends the relubrication cycle
Similar to R-seal, but:
• Comes with a pressed-in baffle-type dust cover to protect the sealing lip from mechanical damage
Effects of injuries and high pressure cleaning
• Two galvanized sheet steel gaskets with three radially pre-tightened sealing lips in the middle,
Suitable for extreme pollution conditions
• The outer sheet steel washer extends properly towards the bearing inner ring to protect the sealing lip
P seal
R seal
R-type seal with guard ring
T seal
Baler at work-important application of INA rollers (Image source: New Holland)
Customer benefits: Standard seal series for INA radial ball bearings
Harvesting machinery
Economic bearing solutions from technological improvements:
From gear shifting mechanism to spring tooth swing arm