Inch bearing

January 16, 2020

British non-standard bearing: refers to the general name of a class of bearings whose overall dimensions and tolerances are expressed in English units of measurement.
Chinese name British system non-standard bearing definition boundary dimension and tolerance in English unit of measurement dimensions conform to GB / t273.1-2003 hollow ball series bolt roller needle bearing
Due to its external dimensions different from all bearings specified in national standards, this kind of bearing has a low degree of generality. It is generally used for special equipment and special occasions, with small batch, and the trial products of new research and development equipment account for the majority. However, due to its non-scale and batch production, the production enterprises are not many, the cost is high, and the price is relatively expensive.
The opposite is the standard bearing. Because the inner diameter or outer diameter, width (height) of the standard bearing, the size of GB / t273.1-2003 meet the requirements of GB / t273.2-1998, GB / t273.3-1999 or other relevant standards, the bearing has high universality, common market and convenient maintenance.
The non-standard bearing is the non-standard bearing that can not match the size and structure of the standard bearing, that is, the bearing produced according to the customer's requirements. For example, the 50 of the 49 standard inside and outside the non-standard is the same. Then 49 belongs to the non-standard. You have to compare it according to the size and structure in the customer's book, otherwise you have no idea whether 49 is the national standard or 50.
There are also different structures. For example, some steel balls have more or less rollers. This is rare.
British non-standard bearings are customized according to the drawings and samples. It mainly includes: carbon steel based oil-free shaft sleeve, bronze based oil-free shaft sleeve, bronze based rolled shaft sleeve, boundary lubrication shaft sleeve, solid lubrication shaft sleeve, bimetal shaft sleeve, oil-free slideway, special automatic packing machine for bearing, large bearing, SF-1 oil-free lubrication bearing, SF-2 boundary lubrication bearing, JDB solid inlaid bearing, fb090 / ft090 bronze bearing, FZ linear bearing, jf-800 bimetal bearing, FD filled PTFE belt, FR four Fluorine soft belt bearing, high-speed internal (external) thread assembly rod end joint bearing, bent rod ball head rod end joint bearing,
Hollow ball series: mainly including linear motion bearing guide shaft, bolt roller needle bearing
Linear motion guide sleeve series: mainly including standard micro ball screw, linear bearing sliding unit, curved rod rod rod end joint bearing, single rod rod rod end joint bearing, straight rod rod rod end joint bearing
Linear motion guide rail: used for fully automatic stretch film winding machine / automatic wrapping machine / pallet film wrapping machine / stretch film wrapping machine, pedal high cycle plastic welding machine / pneumatic high cycle plastic welding machine / high frequency machine, PDC belt conveyor / automatic assembly line / production line / luggage packaging machine / luggage film wrapping machine / luggage stretch film wrapping machine / luggage packaging machine / package packaging machine / dental drill bearing / PE heat collection Shrink packer / heat shrink machine / shrink oven / drying oven / oven / wheelchair bearing non-standard deep groove ball bearing.