NSK Bearing

January 16, 2020

NSK LTD. Was established in 1916. [1] At present (2012), 63 factories (22 in Japan, 12 in China, such as Kunshan, Shenyang, Suzhou, Hefei, etc.), 14 technology centers, and 116 factories have been established in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Sales base. The industry ranks among the top three in the world.
NSK has developed numerous new types of bearings to meet the needs of users around the world, and has made great contributions to industry development and technological progress. At the same time, NSK relies on its technical advantages in precision processing to continuously develop energy-efficient bearings for home appliances, motors, dental medical bearings, automotive parts, precision mechanical components, and other sophisticated products, and actively carry out diversified operations in areas such as electronics applications.
Chinese name Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. Foreign name NSK LTD. Established in 1916 Main bearings, automobiles, machine tools Established in Japan
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1 NSK Introduction
2 Corporate philosophy
3 Major products
4 Technology
5 Structural features
6 Core technologies
7 History
8 Management policy
9 Corporate Philosophy
NSK Introduction Editor
Since NSK first started producing bearings in Japan in 1916, as a Japanese bearing pioneer, it has developed and supplied various types of bearings, and has made great contributions to the development of the industry and technological progress. With the global expansion of NSK, more and more industries and enterprises have applied NSK bearings: engineering machinery, machine tools, automobiles, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, machinery, power, railway and other industries. NSK ranks first in Japan in the bearing field and also ranks first in the world. In addition, NSK has also used precision machining technology refined from the production of bearings to advance its business expansion in various fields by expanding into automotive parts, precision machinery products, and electronic applications. Since the 1960s, we have actively explored overseas markets. So far, NSK Group has established 63 factories (22 in Japan, 12 in China), 14 technology centers, and 116 sales bases (as of 2012) in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Through its global network, NSK strives to promote the mutual strengthening of development capabilities, production capabilities, sales capabilities, and management capabilities, and strives for greater progress.

In the early 1960s, NSK set up a sales company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, as a starting point, and officially started the pace of establishing and operating overseas business outlets. In 1970, a production base was established in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and then new production bases were opened in North American, British, and Asian countries. In addition, in 1990, NSK acquired UPI, which owns Europe's largest bearing manufacturer RHP. NSK production bases and sales outlets across the entire European market are further consolidating NSK's dominant position in the European market. Since 1990, NSK has accelerated its business expansion in China and Asia, especially for the fast-growing Chinese market, and has established a complete operating system capable of independent research and development, sales, and technical services. NSK will further implement the principle of compliance with laws and regulations throughout the Group, uphold corporate social responsibility, and continuously promote business activities.
company name:
Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. (English name: NSK Ltd.)
November 8, 1916
67.2 billion yen (as of March 31, 2015)
head office:
1-6-3, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan (141-8560)
Number of employees (consolidated):
31,088 (as of March 31, 2015)
Sales (consolidated):
974.9 billion yen (as of March 2015)
Business Idea Editor
NSK's corporate philosophy system elaborates on what kind of company NSK wants to become; the company image that NSK should have in the 21st century; and how to think and act as an employee of NSK to establish this image . This is not only the basis for all the information that NSK will release to the society in the future, but also the common psychological preparation and code of conduct for all of our NSK employees.
NSK's corporate philosophy system consists of four parts: corporate philosophy, business posture, external publicity, and internal company slogans.
NSK works hard to contribute to a comfortable and safe society through "MOTION & CONTROL". While maintaining the global environment, we will strengthen unity and cooperation among nations and people through the development of our global business. [2]
Major product editors
NSK's main products are bearings, which are the basis of all machines; are indispensable products in modern society; known as the "grain of the machinery industry"; it ensures the quality of all industrial products; the purpose of NSK is operation and control; Research the machine's operation and friction phenomenon to ensure the smooth rotation and operation; it is always available, providing a rich and colorful life for human beings and will contribute to the global energy-saving movement and resource protection. The main products of NSK—bearings, are made of pure materials and high precision, with hundreds of thousands of varieties. They are widely used in different environments and machinery. They are known as the “grain of the machinery industry” and have been producing bearings for more than 80 years. Experienced NSK continues to improve existing products, research and develop new products, and maintain a leading edge in technology.
Industrial machinery bearings, automotive parts, precision machinery products
Industrial machinery bearings, automotive parts, precision machinery products
NSK's auto parts are not limited to automobile bearings, but also products such as steering gear and steering column, clutch friction parts, constant velocity universal joints and so on. Among them, electric power steering (EPS) and continuously variable transmission (CVT) are high-tech products that fully embody NSK bearing technology.
Metallurgical equipment
NSK's product lineup is strong, ranging from ISO standard bearings to highly developed special-purpose bearings, including various bearings required for each process in metallurgical equipment. In addition, new solutions are introduced for high value-added products and environmental protection.
Mining machinery and engineering machinery
NSK offers a variety of bearings with long service life and high extreme speed performance. These products contribute to improving the production efficiency and reducing the maintenance costs of machinery and equipment used in harsh conditions such as mining sites and engineering sites.
NSK offers a wide range of high-performance, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly automotive-related products. NSK products, including various bearings and electric power steering (EPS), are used as "reliable brand products" by automobile manufacturers worldwide.
machine tool
As a comprehensive manufacturer of mechanical components, NSK, while meeting customers' higher-level needs, also helps customers achieve all the requirements from the early operation of the machine tool to the overall optimization.
Global Market Share of Major Products (-2011)
The world market share of ball bearings
The market share of automotive bearings is the highest in the world;
The market share of ball screws is number one in the world.
Technical editor
NSK works hard to build a comfortable and safe society through the technology of "MOTION & CONTROL". While maintaining the global environment, we will strengthen nation-by-nation through business development globally.
, Unity and cooperation between people.
NSK is not satisfied with its position as the industry leader in Japan, but has set its sights on overseas markets early. After more than 20 years of concentrated operation, NSK has established mature production, development and sales mechanisms in developed European and American regions. In the Asia-Pacific region, NSK's business has also progressed rapidly due to its excellent quality and thoughtful service. Among these major world markets, NSK uses a well-structured intelligence network to combine Japan, Europe, America, and Asia Pacific into a four-pole system. Due to China's decisive position, the development of NSK's business in China will further improve the four-pole system.
NSK's two-way real-time network system, CHALLENGERS, connects the four major economic regions of Japan, Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region 24 hours a day. Data retrieval, analysis, and order to any NSK factory around the world at the same time.
CHALLENGERS will also have access to the Internet and open market intelligence to NSK dealers around the world. NSK's global electronic logistics system will enter the new era of the network in sync with the times.
Structural feature editing
NSK rolling bearings generally consist of a ring, a rolling element and a cage. According to the load bearing direction, it can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings. According to the type of rolling element, it is divided into NSK ball bearings and NSK roller bearings. It can also be classified according to its shape and specific users.
Features of NSK rolling bearings. Compared with sliding bearings, NSK rolling bearings have the following advantages:
The starting friction is small, and the difference between the sliding friction control is also small. It has been promoted internationally to be standardized and standardized. It has good interchangeability and can be used interchangeably between different brands. Refer to NSK bearing standards and SKF bearing standards. It can be seen that the imported rolling bearing standards are all used in common.
The structure around the imported bearing is simplified, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection. Generally can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. It is easier to use under high and low temperature conditions.
In order to increase rigidity, it can be used even in negative clearance (preloaded state). Each structure of NSK rolling bearing has its own characteristics.
Core Technology Editor
The foundation of NSK technology is four core technologies. Through the strengthening of these technologies, NSK has perfected the design basis of industrial machinery bearings, automotive-related products, and precision machinery products, which is the "technology platform", to quickly meet customer needs. In addition, it also promotes the integration of these technologies and strongly promotes the research of new technologies and the development of new products.
Tribology Technology
For bearings that support rotary motion and reciprocating motion, to improve their high speed, quietness, load resistance, durability and other properties, lubrication is required. NSK's highly lubricating technology developed through the design of greases and solid lubricants and surface processing research plays a role in our products.
Material technology
In order to improve product functionality and durability, and to achieve low cost and high production efficiency, NSK focuses on material design, heat treatment, performance evaluation, and analysis and evaluation, and has made active efforts in the advancement of material technology. The refined material technology is effectively used for bearings with a long life and improved reliability for various applications such as automotive and industrial machinery.
Analytical technology
NSK analysis technology, which contributes to the design and development of high-function, high-reliability products and the construction of efficient production systems, is moving forward. In addition, for tests that require high accuracy and tests that are difficult to evaluate, NSK has implemented a virtual test using computer simulation experiments, and has further improved the level of analysis technology to promote faster product development.
NSK's unique mechatronics technology, which combines mechanical and electronic elements, has been effectively applied to high-function motors, control technology, induction technology, and high heat-resistant, high-density, high-reliability mounting technology, biomedical micro-electromechanical System technology and other fields.
History editor
The main history of NSK in China
The relationship between NSK and China originated from mutual exchanges in the 1970s. In 1995, NSK established Kunshan NSK Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and began bearing production in China. With the rapid development of China's economy, NSK's business in China is also expanding. There are 11 factories in China engaged in the production of industrial machinery bearings, automotive bearings, auto parts, and precision instrument-related products. They provide high-quality and high-performance products to the Chinese market through 16 sales bases and a solid dealer network. In addition, we established the largest technology research and development center outside Japan to provide technical services for all products. NSK has become the number one bearing manufacturer in China in terms of market share, and the Chinese business has grown into a source of growth for the entire NSK Group. For greater development, NSK will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market.
Reasons for choosing Hefei and positioning of new company products
In China, where the economy is growing rapidly, the government has proposed in the 12th Five-Year Plan to increase domestic demand and strengthen the development of the inland economy. Hefei has become China's largest home appliance production base, and has gathered industries such as automobiles, new materials, new energy, and equipment manufacturing. Hefei has a well-developed transportation infrastructure and has China's top science and technology universities. The government has a complete set of proven support and services. Foreign business system. These are the reasons why NSK chose to set up a new NSK production base in Hefei National High-tech Industrial Development Zone.
Bearings are widely used in automobiles, equipment manufacturing, home appliances, and other industries. It is conceivable that the global demand will continue to expand in the future. In order to achieve its larger and stronger global strategic goals, NSK will further accelerate the development of NSK in China's bearing market in China with the largest demand for bearings through the production of this plant.
NSK China Business Development Strategy
NSK's medium-term plan is to increase China's business scale to 100 billion yen (8 billion yuan) in 2012. According to the development momentum, the plan is likely to be realized one year in advance. In addition, with the rapid growth of the Chinese market, the cutting-edge industry and products, the growth of local enterprises, and the specific implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan of the Chinese government, China's bearing demand will double in 5 years. This requires a rapid development of the bearing industry. Coupled with the new Hefei plant, NSK's domestic production base will increase to 12, and NSK in China will realize its full-scale production system for industrial machinery bearings, automotive bearings, automotive parts, and precision instrument-related products.
In order to keep pace with China's rapid economic growth, NSK is developing a new development strategy centered on local employees-by 2016 NSK's sales in China will double. In the future, NSK will use local talents as the main force to conduct business operations, quickly respond to the rapidly developing and diversified Chinese market demand, and realize a self-supporting production and sales technology management system, which will truly become a member of Chinese local enterprises.