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January 16, 2020

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NTN is one of the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers. The company was founded in Japan in 1918 and is headquartered in Nishi-ku, Osaka. There are 11 manufacturing plants, 25 sales offices and 3 research institutes in Japan. 20 wholly-owned production plants, 2 research institutes and 48 business offices. NTN's production, sales, and technology departments work tirelessly to explore and deepen their professional fields, while at the same time organically combining each other. The current chairman is Suzuki Taishin.
Chinese name NTN Bearing Company name: NTN Corporation Trademark: NTN Established: March 1918
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1 Company profile
▪ A brief history of development
▪ History
2 Bearing Product Introduction
▪ Evaluation
▪ Rotating load
▪ Application
▪ Model structure
▪ Vibration comparison
▪ Bearing inspection
3 Bearing Introduction
▪ role
▪ Classification
▪ History of Bearing Invention
4 Notes
▪ Before installation
▪ Installation method
▪ Maintenance
Company profile editor
Company Name (English, Chinese, Japanese): NTN Corporation NTN Corporation NTN Corporation
Trademark: NTN
Established: March 1918
Registered capital: 4.23 billion yen
Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Business content: Provide market information for the companies affiliated to the group, plan the overall development plan of the group, and provide investment and financing services. Provide centralized procurement services for raw materials and components required by NTN Group companies worldwide, and sell all NTN Group products.
A brief history
(1) History of chronological development
NTN founded
Started research and production of ball bearings at [Nishiien Iron Works], which is located in Kuwana-cho, Kuwana-gun, Mie Prefecture
NTN trademark establishment
NTN's source is the first letter of the founder's name
N-is the founder Noboru Niwa, the first person to inject capital.
(NTN Bearing Company Office Building) NTN trademark established
T-Pak Chamber of Commerce (Tomoe Trading Co), a company run by Mr. Dan Yu, mainly responsible for sales
NTN trademark establishment
N-Mr. Jiro Nishizono, the main responsible for production and engineering.
NTN trademark establishment
In 1922, a Swedish cargo ship full of bearings sank in the port of Kobe. The subsequent batches of bearings were auctioned and won by Mr. Dan Yu. Resulting from
Established NTN Manufacturing
Raised 50,000 yen to establish a joint venture company-NTN
Changed to Co., Ltd.
Changed the company structure and established a company with a registered capital of 3 million yen
Company name changed to [Toyo Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.]
Registered capital increased to 10 million yen. Public offering of shares.
Established Showa Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Hakugo, Hyogo Prefecture
Merged into the Musashigawa Plant in 1939, and renamed the Takarazuka Plant in 1962 to the present
Established Kuwana Plant
Merged with Showa Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and became the Bakugawa Plant
Kuwana Plant begins production of balls
Won the Deming Award for the first time by the Japanese machinery industry
Established Toyo Bearing Iwata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Started mass production of ball bearings
Established Toyo Bearing Iwata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Merged with Xilin Seiko Co., Ltd. and is now a steel company
Merged King Kong Bearing Co., Ltd.
Currently, NTN King Kong Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Needle roller bearing technology from INA
Since the initial payment needs to exceed 17% of NTN capital, it takes great courage to decide to cooperate with INA in a technical form. But then NTN can get this
Established NTN Bearing (Europe) Company in West Germany
Established needle roller bearing factory at Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd. Iwata
Established Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd.
Production Technology Research Institute
Established US NTN Bearing Company
Technical cooperation with Hardy Spicer, UK, started production of constant velocity joints (CVJ)
NTN SIDAG S.A. sales company established
Established a joint venture with French INA-SIDAG and established a sales company NTN SIDAG S.A. Now France NTN
Established NTN BIRFIELD
Established a joint venture with British BIRFIELD company to establish a sales company-NTN Bearings BIRFIELD Company, now NTN Bearings
Established Toyo Bearing Rulon Co., Ltd.
Cooperated with Dixon Company in the United States. Established a joint venture Toyo Bearing Rulon Company. Now NT
Established Toyo Bearing Special Alloy Co., Ltd.
Now NTN Special Alloy Co., Ltd.
Signed technical assistance contract with Taiwan Dongpei Industrial Co., Ltd.
Established Canada NTN Bearing Company
Established American NTN Bearing Manufacturing Company
Established Hong Kong NTN Trading Company
Now NTN China Limited
Established Singapore NTN
Established Toyo Bearing Okayama Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Merged with NTN Corporation in 1983
NTN Bearing Manufacturing (Germany) established
Company name changed to [NTN Toyo Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.]
Established Toyo Bearing Product Development Research Institute
Now it is the new product development department of the Institute of General Technology.
Established Canada NTN Bearing Manufacturing Company
Merged with Canadian NTN Bearing Company in 1981
Completed constant velocity universal joint (CVJ) plant.
Established constant velocity joint factory at Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd.
Established Malaysia NTN Bearing Company
Established Thailand NTN Bearing Company
Established Elgin NTN Bearing Manufacturing Company in the United States.
Merged with the American NTN Bearing Company in 1985.
Established South American NTN
Established NTN sales company
Soon after, the company name was changed to NTN Sales Co., Ltd. and merged with NTN Co., Ltd. in 2000.
Established Mexico NTN
Reorganized the research department and established the Comprehensive Technology Research Institute
Gangsang Co., Ltd. constant velocity joint factory established
Provided constant velocity joint technology to Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd.
Merged Toyo Bearing Iwata Works with Toyo Bearing Okayama Works
Provided Constant Velocity Joint Technology to Australian Lepco
Provided constant velocity universal joint technology to Taiwan Taiwan Taiwei Industrial Co., Ltd.
Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd. was established.
Meeting with NTN Corporation in 1989
Established NTN-Bower
Established NTN-Bower company with Federal-Mogul
Provide bearing manufacturing technology to National Machinery Industry Corporation of India
Completed an export sales center at the Takarazuka factory.
Established the first aerospace special bearing factory
Built Japan's first aerospace special bearing factory at Kuwana
Japan's cumulative production at constant speed of 10,000 knots reached 100 million
Acquired NTN-Bower.
Acquired 100% equity of NTN-Bower and became a wholly-owned subsidiary
NTN Technology Center established in the United States
In 2002, the function was transferred to NTN Automotive Center
Formation of Unidrive
Established Unidrive joint venture in Australia to produce constant velocity joints
Renamed NTN Corporation
Established NTN DriveShaft
Established NTN DriveShaft in the United States
Completed Iwata Technology New Building
Established NTN USA
As U.S. headquarters
Completion of Sangming Technology Museum
Acquisition of Toyo Bearing Rulon
Acquired Toyo Bearing Rulon Co., Ltd. as a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary and renamed NTN Precision Resin Co., Ltd.
Kuwana Seisakusho passed ISO 9002 certification
Completed logistics center in Singapore
Established NTN-BCA
Acquired the ball bearing division of Federal-Mogul in the United States and established NTN-BCA
Established Brazil NTN
Nagano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and related technical departments passed ISO9001 / QS-9000 certification
NTN Hong Kong renamed NTN China Ltd.
Japan's cumulative production of constant speed 10,000 knots reached 200 million
NTN Manufacturing (Thailand) established
Established bearing and constant velocity joint manufacturing company in Thailand-NTN Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Iwata area business site passed ISO14001 certification
Established NTN Transmission Europe
Established NTN Transmission Europe, a joint-venture joint with French Renault
All domestic production bases and research and development departments in Japan have passed ISO14001 certification in multiple stages
NTN Group has all passed ISO 9000 series certification
Established Guangzhou NTN-Enlong Transmission System Co., Ltd.
Established a joint venture with Taiwan Yulon Group Guangzhou NTN Yulon Transmission System Co., Ltd.
Established Shanghai NTN Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
Established Shanghai NTN Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd. with Okaya Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.
Established Zontine Nidec (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
Established NTN Nidec (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. in a joint venture with Nidec Corporation
Japan's cumulative production of constant speed 10,000 knots reached 300 million
Established NTN Precision AXLE
Established heat treatment and turning parts manufacturing company in the United States-NTN Precision AXLE Corporation
Established ASAHI FORGE, USA
Established a forging machined parts manufacturing company in the United States-ASAHI FORGE, USA
Established NTN Mie Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Became a model factory for domestic bearings in Japan
Development history
September 1971 NTN China Co., Ltd. was established
August 2002 Shanghai NTN Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established
NTN Nidec (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is established
September 2002 Guangzhou NTN-Enlong Transmission System Co., Ltd. was established
2003 March NTN Nidec (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. production started
June 2003 Production started at Shanghai NTN Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Production start of Guangzhou NTN-Enlong Transmission System Co., Ltd.
September 2003 Beijing Ruihan NTN Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established
March 2004 Beijing Ruihan NTN Auto Parts Co., Ltd. production started
August 2004 Changzhou NTN Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. was established
April 2005 Production of Changzhou NTN Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. started
In June 2005, NTN (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established.
February 2006 Shanghai Lane Precision Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. was established
February 2007 NTN Aiabi (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
December 2007 Nanjing Puzhen NTN Railway Bearing Co., Ltd. was established
In April 2008, NTN (China) Investment Co., Ltd. started operations.
Bearing product profile edit
(1) Japan's NTN Corporation, the world's fifth largest bearing company
(2) NTN-the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturer
(3) NTN's precision machining technology and unique proprietary technology have been accumulated and developed on the basis of long-term development of bearings, and are widely used to produce precision machinery for use in all fields. This is a new sign of NTN development that constantly creates new value.
(4) How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? NTN's bearing technology achieves nanometer-level precision in the nanometer unit size.
(5) NTN's various bearing products are produced with high-precision processing and detection technology in units of 0.01 microns, from ordinary household appliances that require both high performance and low cost, to the harsh working environment. As far as the aerospace rocket that can still play its bearing function normally, NTN bearings have laid the foundation for the development of machinery in various industries and various uses.
NTN Bearing Company actively carries out activities to protect the global environment.
(6) NTN Bearing Company has actively carried out activities to protect the global environment. Passed the demonstration of ISO14001, a series of international standards for environmental management and supervision, and developed environmentally friendly [ECO series] products. Furthermore, we set the 21st century as the century of the environment and deliberately pursue the [zero emission] goal of eliminating all waste.
(7) NTN imported bearings-the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers
Rotation load
There are three cases of rotating load: 1) the load direction is fixed and the ferrule rotates; 2) the load vector rotates and the ferrule is stationary; (3) the load vector and the ferrule rotate at different speeds.
Application area
NTN bearings are widely used in the production of precision machinery for use in all fields. How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? This precision, which was purely expected in the past, has begun to be used in various fields of industrial sectors such as orbit satellites, aviation, railways and automobiles, papermaking equipment, office equipment and food machinery!
NTN common bearing classification: NTN miniature ball bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, NTN radial thrust ball bearings, NTN self-aligning ball bearings, NTN cylindrical roller bearings, NTN tapered roller bearings, NTN thrust Ball bearings, NTN self-aligning roller bearings. Can provide users with technical advice and after-sales service work.
In addition, Japan's leading products of NTN bearings include: NTN rolling bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, NTN high-precision bearings, NTN self-aligning bearings, NTN bearings, NTN flat ball bearings, NTN short cylindrical roller bearings, NTN Linear guide bearing, NTN ball screw bearing, NTN miniature linear guide bearing, NTN cross roller guide bearing, NTN bearing double rotation bushing bearing, NTN bearing ball sliding group, NTN bearing cam follower bearing.
Model structure
It mainly consists of three parts: post number, pre-number and basic number. The rear number indicates the material, tolerance and structure of NTN bearings in English and Arabic numerals. NTN bearing types are usually only indicated by the basic type. The basic model is also composed of three parts, namely: type code, size code and inner diameter code. The leading number indicates the rest of the bearing

NO2. Post number
The post number of the bearing is used to indicate the material, tolerance and structure of the bearing in English and Arabic numerals. The commonly used bearing radial clearance series are divided into 6 groups, including 1 group and 2 groups. The tolerance of bearing is divided into six levels from high level to low level. The internal structure number is used to indicate different internal structures of the same type of bearing with letters following the basic code.
No3. Basic number
The basic number indicates the width series, inside diameter, diameter series and type of NTN bearing. NTN bearing type code is represented by the fifth digit from the right of basic code (letters for cylindrical roller bearing and needle roller bearing), and bearing inner diameter is represented by the first digit from the right of basic code. The change series of bearing with the same structure and inner diameter in outer diameter and width are indicated by the third digit from the right of basic code. For example, for the centripetal bearing and the centripetal thrust bearing, 0 and 1 represent the ultra light series; the series of bearing width changes with the same bearing structure, inner diameter and diameter series are represented by the fourth digit from the right of the basic code. In 1990, China decided to modify the original rolling bearing code method and formulated the national standard.
Vibration comparison
NTN inlet bearing swing load and indefinite load. Sometimes the direction and size of the load can not be determined exactly. For example, in high-speed rotating machinery, in addition to the load with fixed rotor weight, there is also the rotating load caused by unbalanced mass. If the rotating load is much larger than the fixed load, the composite load is still the rotating load; if the rotating load is much smaller than the fixed load, the composite load is the pendulum Dynamic load.
No matter the rotating load or the swinging load, its size and direction are constantly changing. In the variable working state, the load of some ferrules may be rotation load, fixed load and swing load. This load is called an indeterminate load. Swing load and indefinite load should be considered as the same as the rotating load in the matching. Too loose matching will cause damage to the mating surface.
The transition fit or interference fit shall be selected for the ferrule and shaft or seat hole rotating relative to the load direction. The principle of interference size is that when the bearing is working under load, there is no "creep" phenomenon on the matching surface of the NTN bearing ring on the shaft or in the seat hole. When the load is very light, or the ferrule rotates at low speed occasionally under heavy load, the transition fit can be selected. At this time, the shaft surface should have higher hardness and smaller surface roughness. In case of heavy load, it is usually tighter than in case of light load and normal load. The heavier the load, the larger the fit interference.
The composite radial load acting on the ferrule is borne by the local area of the ferrule raceway and transmitted to the shaft or the relative area of Wuxi NTN bearing pedestal. This load is called fixed load. The characteristic of fixed load is that the resultant radial load vector is relatively static with the ferrule. Both the ferrule and the combined radial load do not rotate or rotate at the same speed are fixed loads. Loose fit can be selected for ferrule bearing fixed load.
Bearing inspection
First, check the vibration of NTN bearing in operation
From peeling, indentation, rust, crack, wear and so on, bearing vibration is very sensitive to bearing damage. Therefore, the vibration can be measured by using a special NTN bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.), and the specific abnormal situation can not be inferred by frequency division. Because the measured values are different due to the service conditions of NTN imported bearings or the installation position of sensors, it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured values of each machine in advance to determine the judgment standard.
Second, check the sound of NTN bearing rolling
Because even if the bearing has slight peeling and other damages, it will produce abnormal sound and irregular sound, so it can be distinguished by using a sound detector. The sound detector is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of the running bearing, which plays a role of prevention in advance.
Third, check the temperature when NTN bearing rotates
If the temperature of NTN bearing outer ring can be measured directly by oil hole, it is more suitable. Generally, the temperature of NTN bearing can be inferred according to the temperature outside the bearing chamber. If the lubrication and installation parts are suitable, the bearing temperature will rise sharply, and abnormal high temperature will occur. At this time, the operation must be stopped and necessary preventive measures shall be taken.
Bearing introduction editor
As far as its function is concerned, it should be support, that is to say, literal explanation is used to bear the shaft, but this is only a part of its function, and the essence of support is to be able to bear the radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. It is to fix the shaft so that it can only rotate, and control its axial and radial movement. The consequence of the motor without bearings is that it can't work at all. Because the shaft may move in any direction, while the motor requires that the shaft only rotate. Theoretically speaking, it is impossible to realize the function of transmission. Not only that, the bearing will also affect transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be realized on the bearing of high-speed shaft. Some bearings already have lubrication, which is called PRELUBRICATING bearing. Most bearings must have lubricating oil. When the load is running at high speed, friction will not only increase energy consumption, but also make it more terrible It is easy to damage the bearing. It's one-sided to turn sliding friction into rolling friction, because there is something called sliding bearing. Structure and performance characteristics of imported bearings
Thrust angular contact ball bearing