TIMKEN bearing

January 16, 2020

TIMKEN bearing

In 1899, Henry Timken, the founder of TIMKEN, invented a tapered roller bearing for the axle at that time, namely Tapered Roller Bearings.
Chinese name
TIMKEN bearing
Henry Timken
Tapered Roller Bearings

Company Profile

The company's total number of employees worldwide as of 2010: 20,000
In 2010, global employee compensation and benefits expenses exceeded $ 1 billion
Total number of organizations: 52 factories and 81 sales offices, 9 technology and engineering centers and 14 distribution and service centers in 29 countries and regions around the world
Established 9 joint ventures in 5 countries
Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1922
Dividend payment for 354 consecutive quarters as of the end of 2010
Selected by the American Ethics Village Association "100 Most Ethical Business Companies in the World"
As a world-leading manufacturer with a history of over 100 years, TIMKEN company has high-quality bearings, alloy steel and related products and services everywhere, whether it is land, sea or space.

product service

Featured American TIMKEN Bearings
TIMKEN ( Timken ) is the world's leading high-quality bearings, alloy steels and related parts and accessories manufacturers. No matter where in the world, as long as there is equipment running and power transmission, you can see the technology and products of TIMKEN company. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types of tapered roller bearings with 26,000 different specifications. They are widely used in various countries around the world.
As early as more than 100 years ago, TIMKEN Bearing Company promised to abide by the highest ethical and integrity standards in business operations. Henry. Timken, the founder of TIMKEN Bearing Company, once said, "If you have an idea that you think is right, stick to it ... but it is important not to do anything to shame your name." Today, this spirit Has become the core value of Timken.
TIMKEN Bearings has a team of 27,000 employees worldwide and a strong team dedicated to improving the performance of their products. To help customers achieve greater success, more than 300 awards are awarded each year by customers around the world.
Whether it is a hub assembly of a family car, a roller coaster bearing, rail bearing repair service, or the steel of an aircraft engine shaft, TIMKEN can appear. TIMKEN bearing products and services: aviation components, aircraft engine repair and overhaul, alloy steel rods and pipes, bearings, bearing components and related parts, condition monitoring systems and services, encoders and sensors, engineering and technical services, lubricants and Lubricators, helicopter drive systems and rotor components, precision steel parts, aviation, industrial, and railway bearings, repair and reconstruction of bearing housings and Yakun, sealing products, training, etc.

Bearing classification


Angular contact ball bearings

TIMKEN angular contact ball bearingsTIMKEN angular contact ball bearings
Size range
12mm-150mm drilling
typical application
· General industrial applications
· Chemical industry
Expansion options
· Special lubricant
· Special cage material
· Special preload
· Special anti-corrosion coating
TIMKEN angular contact ball bearings are designed for a combination of radial and axial loads. Single-row bearings have high unidirectional thrust capacity. Some single-row bearings are specifically designed for two-way mounting for best performance. Double-row Conrad bearings can withstand thrust in two directions.
The special geometry of the groove and shoulder of the angular contact bearing produces a ball contact angle that can withstand higher axial loads. Different designs have a contact angle range from 20 ° to 40 °. Large contact angles provide greater axial load capacity and longer life under axial and radial loads.

Self-aligning ball bearings

TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearingsTIMKEN self-aligning ball bearings
Size range
3mm-600mm drilling
typical application
· General industrial applications
· Chemical industry
Expansion options
· Special anti-corrosion coating
· Special seal design
Fafnir radial ball bearings use a universal design that allows relatively high speed operation under heavy load conditions. The bearing consists of an inner ring and an outer ring, and has a cage with a set of precision balls.
The standard Conrad bearing has a deep groove structure that can carry radial and axial loads in either direction. The maximum load type mainly supports radial loads.
Provides a very wide range of sizes from the ultra-light to heavy series. Multiple protection and seal settings help protect internal bearing components and retain lubricant.

Spherical roller bearing

  1. Radial spherical roller bearings
    Typical applications: gearboxes, continuous casting machines, aggregates, vibrating screens, conveyor belts, industrial fans, etc.
    Dimension series and cage type: outer diameter "400 mm EJ, EM and EMB
    Outer diameter> 400 mm YM, YMB, YMD and YP
    Optional feature: W33 outer ring with lubrication groove and lubrication hole
    W800 was developed specifically for vibration applications
    K bearing bore is tapered
    and many more
  2. Thrust spherical roller bearings (TSR)

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Radial cylindrical roller bearing
Single row, small size
Single row, large size
Single row, special size
Double row
Four columns, small size
Four columns, large size
2. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings
TP (three-row thrust bearing)
TPS (TP, with ball bottom washer)

Tapered Roller Bearings

latest company news about TIMKEN bearing  3
1.Single row tapered roller bearing
TS (stamped steel cage)
TS (cotter pin cage)
TSF (flange outer ring)
TSRB (Hoop outer ring)
TSK (keyway outer ring)
TSL (with DUO end-PLUS ™ seal)
TSU (UNIT-Bearing ™)
2.Double-row tapered roller bearings
latest company news about TIMKEN bearing  4
SR (Double Row Right Spacer Combination)
SD (round inner hole)
SS (double row buckle ring spacer combination)
TDI (double row and double inner ring)
TDO (double row and double outer ring)
(Not adjustable double-row bearings / TNA with lubrication groove / TNA with extension flange)
TNASWH (with thick-walled outer ring TNA)
TNASWHF (TNASWH with flanged outer ring)