Use and maintenance of angular contact ball bearings

February 24, 2020

Some time ago, a brother responded that the angular touch ball bearing he used was damaged early, so he suspected it was a fake. But through the analysis of the original is a question. So what is the cause of the early damage of the angular touch ball bearing? Next I will give us an answer.
1、 Improper equipment (about 16%)
1. When using the brute force in the equipment, hitting the bearing directly with a hammer will cause the greatest damage to the bearing, which is the primary reason for the formation of deformation.
2. The equipment is not in place, the equipment has errors or is not installed in the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer rings are not in the middle of the same rotation, forming a non concentricity.
Claim: select proper or professional bearing equipment, and use special instrument to test the equipment.
2、 Poor smoothness (about 50%)
According to the investigation, the poor smoothness is one of the primary causes of bearing premature failure. The main reasons include: not filling the smooth agent or oil in time; not filling the smooth agent or oil in place; improper selection of the smooth agent or oil; incorrect smoothing method, etc.
Claim: select the right smooth agent or oil, and use the right smooth filling method.
3、 Pollution (about 14%)
Pollution can also lead to premature damage of bearings. Pollution refers to dust, metal chips, etc. entering the bearing. The main reasons include: opening the bearing package too early before use to form pollution; the working environment of the equipment is not cleaned to form pollution; the working environment of the bearing is not cleaned, and the working medium is polluted.
Claim: it is better not to unpack the bearing before use; insist on cleaning the equipment environment when using the equipment, clean the bearing to be used; strengthen the sealing equipment of the bearing.
4、 Fatigue (about 34%)
Fatigue damage is a common method of bearing damage. The common causes of fatigue damage may be: Bearing overload operation for a long time; failure to repair in time; improper repair; equipment aging, etc.
Claim: choose the right type of bearing and replace the tired bearing in time.
The above are the most common reasons for the early damage of the angular touch ball bearing; the reasons for the early damage of the bearing are various, the above is the primary reason for thinking, sometimes may be the inductive reason. If the bearing type selection is correct, the equipment method is correct and in place, the smooth method and the smooth agent are correct, the bearing can work normally at very regular times.